Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two kinds and Lamb to the slaughter

Me and my friends Ewa and Karoline have read and compared these two stories. We find the stories very nice and the first one was very sad. I think the second one were very interesting. When I get a little into it, I was totally bound to it. After read these stories we found out it would be interesting to compare them and find some similarities and differences. Here is what we found out:

  • First of all the main characters in the two stories are females. In "two kinds" the main character is a Chinese girl and in the other story Mary Meloney is the main character and she seems to be a bit crazy.
  • Another similarity in the stories is that both of them takes place in the family and in the family house. In a novel its typical whit just a few characters. That make sense if we count the people we read about in both stories.  
  • We also concluded whit that the sad endings in the story, is a result of the bad dialogue and bad communication between the people in the two stories. In "two kinds" mother and daughter don't agree of what is the best for the girl. The mother wants her daughter the best future and want to see her girl grow up and became something good and someone important. Therefor she just decide to sign her up for a talent show even if the girl don't want it at all. I think that if these to people just could have communicate a little bit better and sit down and talk it would be a lot better for bout. In the other story there is bad communication who results in that Mary murder her husband.
  • The theme is similar in both stories. We find out that the theme could be love. Love between mother and daughter and love between wife and husband. We also see that there is a unilateral love in both of the stories. 
  • The point of view is from the girls view. Its like reading from their thoughts.
  • Killing and death as the only way out. As I wrote earlier I think these endings is a result of the bad dialogue in both relationships.

I hope you find the comparing interesting, and maybe you have any thoughts? Hope 

you will give me any reflections if you have any?

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