Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At the day of 23. Th august 2005 a horrible hurricane rages around in the south coastline in the USA. Over a million persons was evacuated when they heard the big tropical storm was entering New Orleans. This hurricane hit the number five at the scale of Saffir-Simpsons.
This was the biggest natural disaster that ever had enter the south coastline of USA.

Seven years later a friend of Katrina arrive. He's name is Isaac. Almost at the same time as seven years ago a new and horrible hurricane threatens the city New Orleans.

People all around the state shop fuel, food, drinks, hygiene products and waiting for Isaac.
 - I have refilled the car and generator, said carpenter John Corll (59) to the AP in New Orleans, but adds that he thinks the dike system in the city is better prepared for big hurricanes now than seven years ago.
(http://www.dagbladet.no/2012/08/27/nyheter/utenriks/veret/orkan/isaac/23138362/)(norwegian webpage for news)
So far eight people have lost their life a result of the hurricane. The hurricane washed over Haiti and Cuba a few days ago. Meteorologists tells us that the forecast is identical the hurricane Katrina from 2005.   
- The resemblance is uncanny.. meteorologist Hennen sais.
Here you can see a picture of were Isaac is expected. Monday morning Isaac was 650 kilometers southeast from the coastline and he is expected to enter at Wednesday morning. The hurricane have a wind speed at hundred km/h

English dictionaries

Testing of online english dictionaries.


This is a link to different online dictionaries. I tried a some of them and i found a favorite.
There are a few of them i would beg you to stay away from because they are miserable.

The one I liked was the first one: http://www.wordreference.com/
This dictionary translate to Spanish, Italian, French, Polski, dutch and a lot of other languages.
The dictionary may read up you're world look up so you can hear how to spell it and it also give you sentences to see the word in a context. The dictionary tells you the meaning of the world to.
The first thing I noticed was the clean and neat webpage.
It is very easy to find out were to search and look for the meaning of the word. It translated very fast to.

This is a picture of the dictionary I just recommended. I going to use this in my english class. I hope you will like it to. 

This is a link to another online dictionary i liked:

This is a monolingual dictionary and its also free.  
If you click the link you will enter the look up word telephone. You can see that the webpage tell you the meaning of the word. 
the dictionary may tell spell the word for you, that is a big plus!

These dictionaries are very nice if you write or read an english text and want to use a little more difficult words. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living in Norway

Where to start when we are talking about Norway? Norway is full of opertunities and there is a lot of different things to do. But if we are talking about what Norway is for me, I think we could sit here for hours and talking about Norway. 

When you hear Norway and you're not living i Scandinavia you might think polar bears in the streets, cold and snowy.. I was i Tyrkie this summer and a man asked me were i came from. Id said Norway.. "Ahh! you are from Coldway, snowy and cold all around the year." Yes, Norway is cold and snowy but as an typical Norwegian viking loving the sun og heat we pay thousands  for every year, just to get back to Norway with a hint of tan skin just to survive the long, cold and snowy winter, we complaints if we even se a hint of the sun in Norway. "its so hot today!, i cant handle this heat.. its to hot to be outside today.."  So we Norwegians are not easy to satisfy AT ALL. 

But we norwegians are so much more than complaning brats who spend thousands of money on somethning we apparently dont like. 
We got one of the most beautyful nature in Norway. And if you are one of the lucky one to see Norway on a sunny day who might will be speachless.. Norway is acutally amazing when the sun shining over our blue water between the high moutains and deep walleys. 

World famous picture of typical norwegian nature
Norway is more than nature also. We have the world best skiiers that ever lived. Cross Country skiing is the national sport of Norway. With long wintermounths, snow in the mountains all year long and a whole skiing nation in youre back the conditions to bacame a good skiier are very high. 
I guess you have heard about Marit Bjørgen or Petter Northug Jr. This is two persons who have dedicateded their life to snow, coldness, pain, traing, a lot og training and more training. 

Personaly I am a skier to. I workout everyday, expose myself for pain that no one other than professional swimmers know about, snow, rainy autumns and looong winters.  The motivation i get just to look at my models on TV help me through all that nagativity make me a good skier.

To  finish this post i would like to say that its typical norwgian to be very proud of the Norwegian country.