Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today we saw the movie the 11th hour. It is a movie about how the people ruin our environment and how everything at this planet are related. 
There were a lot of a scientist, psychologist and leaders for big environment companies telling about how the human being needs the nature. They also told a lot of how the world have developed since Ronald Reagan was the president of America. They also made it clear how fatal the consequences may be if we keep doing like we doing today.  At the end of the movie they turned all the sad stories and all the sad information into a positive way to do the changes. After the movie was ended you may sit there whit a hope and and commitment for your actions. 

The movie had a lot of pictures that really make you think about your actions. Even tough the movie contains a lot a strong images I'm not sure I can believe it or not. 
I believe that there is awful things happens all over the world. But I don't find it that realistic. Were are all these  photos derived from? Sometimes I think they are manipulated so they can use our conscience. When I see documentaries about things in this world that make you think about our actions, its easy to make me cry. They use beautiful and very sting images. All this make me sit down and think why nothings being done. When a whole world sitting in their house watching tons of poisoned gas just flies out in the air I'm supposed to breath in every day.  

All this is about money i believe. The human being is a selfish and egoistic thing. It do not think its that hard to just a close a company which do bad environmentally productions. 

About taking notes

While watching the movie our teacher told us to take notes. Our teacher Ann wanted us to do a 

  • How can we make good notes while watching a movie or a lecture?
We parted the movie in three parts. First we used pen and paper. The second we used our own computers to make our own notes. The last one was a public Google doc note paper  where 10 people shared their notes. 

I think several of this fit for me, depending on what I am going to listen to.  If you write it may be more easy to remember. A problem whit writing could be that it takes more time than writing on a computer. 
Writing on a computer may seems like the most easy, but as if the way to Facebook and other tempting websites get way more shorter. 
I would like to try to use more of public Google-docs. If you share it whit people you know writes good notes you can learn a lot from each other. It's also a wonderful opportunity to see a case or a problem from different view of point and became clear of something you didn't know in the first place. 

Do you have any view of points when it comes to how we trade our environment?
   I would loved to hear from you!


  1. Like your comments about sharing a Google doc and learning from other students!

  2. Well done Amalie you had such an interesting information in your blog keep it up and looking forward to learn more from your blog.

    1. Thank you, you really made my day!
      I would love to hear from you later.

  3. We have the same sentiments to those people who are abusing the God-given resources here on earth. Just because of money, everyone can turn into evil and they doesn't care, as long that they are happy while others are suffering. :( I hope that the soonest time possible, we'll learned our lesson.


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