Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unexpected ending, typical Roald Dahl

I have read the story The Landlady

There was a young man who wanted a place to live for the night. When he first looked in window the thought it looked very nice and comfy because there was a fireplace and a dog. In the first place he liked the little place and the woman who run it seemed to very nice. Later on he notices that there was bad things happening in the comfy little "bed and breakfast".  The women had stuffed her animals. She also said there was someone living at third floor. But there was no one at third floor. Sooner the man noticed that the persons "living" on third floor was stuffed like her animals.
In the end the man dies. He was poisoned by the tea they drank. In the novel you may noticed that he said he tasted bitter like almond.

I wonder why the man did not leave the place when i started to noticed that bad things happening there. Someone you got any good ideas?

I have also seen the movie by Hitchcock. He have done almost exactly the same. There is a few differences, The man is twenty two in the movie, and seventeen in the novel. It was also a little bit more difficult to see that the was poisoned in the movie. In the novel we get it quite fast. In the novel the lady got three floors and in the movie she only got one, so the setting was a little different.

I am not sure if i liked the novel or not. I find it a little bit hard to understand english novels because you have to read between the lines and think about what you read. Eventhoug i think it's funny whit such a funny way to end a story. You just sit there and in a way have no idea what just happened. I also find the story a little bit nasty but I think it was a kind of funny.

What do you think about the movie?

Here is a link to the movie:

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  1. Yes you do have to read between the lines. But not only English short stories, Norwegian as well I would imagine. Glad you liked it!