Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At the day of 23. Th august 2005 a horrible hurricane rages around in the south coastline in the USA. Over a million persons was evacuated when they heard the big tropical storm was entering New Orleans. This hurricane hit the number five at the scale of Saffir-Simpsons.
This was the biggest natural disaster that ever had enter the south coastline of USA.

Seven years later a friend of Katrina arrive. He's name is Isaac. Almost at the same time as seven years ago a new and horrible hurricane threatens the city New Orleans.

People all around the state shop fuel, food, drinks, hygiene products and waiting for Isaac.
 - I have refilled the car and generator, said carpenter John Corll (59) to the AP in New Orleans, but adds that he thinks the dike system in the city is better prepared for big hurricanes now than seven years ago.
(http://www.dagbladet.no/2012/08/27/nyheter/utenriks/veret/orkan/isaac/23138362/)(norwegian webpage for news)
So far eight people have lost their life a result of the hurricane. The hurricane washed over Haiti and Cuba a few days ago. Meteorologists tells us that the forecast is identical the hurricane Katrina from 2005.   
- The resemblance is uncanny.. meteorologist Hennen sais.
Here you can see a picture of were Isaac is expected. Monday morning Isaac was 650 kilometers southeast from the coastline and he is expected to enter at Wednesday morning. The hurricane have a wind speed at hundred km/h

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  1. Hurricane Katrina sure was a terrible storm. I'm glad this years storm Isaac turned out to be far less devastating. Do you know how the storms get their names by the way?